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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Love Thursday: Fishies and Forts

Today we all ventured out to the Cabrillo Aquarium.
It was a small-ish aquarium, perfect for an hour or two visit, including a tidepool touch-tank.

Here he is giving the fish in the tank a 'kiss'!

On the way home we missed our turn for the street leading us to the freeway. Once we turned around and turned up the correct street, we watched a nasty car wreck just about 50 feet ahead of us (in which the jeep/hummer car did a 180-spin just missing our car by a couple yards)! Imagine if we hadn't missed our turn, perhaps causing us to just miss being one of the cars in that accident?! That could have been us. We pulled over and I almost got out of the car to try and help... flashbacks of last year come to mind. But Ryan knew better. Since we were in the middle of LA, there were plenty of other people already running to help out. I have been thinking about what happened again back in December and I'm thankful that Ryan had the foresight to know what was best for our family today, gently telling me to stay in the car this time.
We drove carefully the rest of the way. Dylan fell asleep in the car, giving us time to talk and enjoy the rest of our time together before taking Ryan back to work. Then Dylan and I came home and took a nice, long nap.

Tonight we had the perfect post-aquarium visit dinner: fish.

Then Daddy and Dylan built their first fort together, which Dylan lovingly referred to as their "how-t" (which I guess was 'house').

And in two days it is Dylan's birthday. Two years. I can't believe it has gone by both so slowly and so quickly at once. I dread how fast Dylan is growing up, however I love watching him grow. It's a bitter-sweet road. And so I buckle-up (it's the law, and part of a campaign here in California, don't you know?) and get ready for the next year's ride!

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