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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Strolling Along

Dylan in his stroller, humoring his mommy during their long walks the past couple days. We went yesterday to Lacey Park and today to the Huntington Gardens.

Lacy Park

Together at the Huntington Children's Gardens. Dylan had a blast playing in the water bells (see link above)! He was all smiles and giggles.

Last night I discovered that the first Thursday of each month has free admission to the botanical gardens, so today we HAD to go. It was fun for Dylan to be around other little ones again.
While playing in the water bells today, Dylan kept reaching over to touch this cute toddler next to him and trying to hold hands. I think he misses his Mama-Roos friends too... (the past couple of days have been increasingly more difficult for me with missing my friends back in St. Louis).



Oh my gosh, my browser just blew up because Dylan is too too cute. I can't believe how much fuller his face is. It's like he turned into a toddler in the last month. (I also refuse to accept that you've been gone a whole month tomorrow!!) He looks great. So do you Love the coordinating red outfits. So stylish. So Motherboy XXX.


(I'm not sure where the "so do you" came from. I swear I didn't type that. Hmm.)


Regarding Motherboy XXX: we were going to go as Sonny and Cher, but we outgrew our 3-6 month sizes... lol.


Fast forward a year later:
You're in the children's garden with your almost two year old, your hubby and some strange older "lady" who keeps wandering into your lives.
But, lucky for you, she has antiseptic wipes and bandaids in her purse.


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