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Friday, June 22, 2007

Pray for this woman!

I stumbled across a blog this past year of a woman who lives in the St. Louis area. She has a little boy around Dylan's age, a loving family, and...Leukemia. This week will reveal a great deal for her and her family about her prognosis. She's been through SO much that I can't even imagine (even after working for a number of months on the oncology floor while I worked at the hospital there).
Please keep Amy in your prayers.


Tuesday, June 19, 2007


After work yesterday, I swung over to my friend Kathy's house with Dylan.
Within 2 minutes of our arrival, Dylan was plunked on a diningroom chair with a leopard-print cape and legos, getting a haircut.
He sat wide-eyed and confused for the bulk of the experience, which helped keep things going smooth on the hair-cutting side of things.
Thank goodness for novelty and a box of legos.
And a big thanks to both Kathy and her beautician, Olga.


Monday, June 18, 2007

Father's Day in Paradise

A killer 5 star resort? No, just my parents back yard. San Diego was in usual form this weekend. The sky was clear and the weather was great, and we went down from LA for Father's day and my mom's birthday (which is today...happy birthday mom!).

Dylan had fun swimming and going in the spa, and we had fun just having someone else to help us with him. Hope everyone else had a nice Father's day as well!

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Monday, June 11, 2007

Nose and Ears and Eyes, oh my!

Sunday morning Dylan woke up with his eyes 'glued shut' - and goopey, and... well, I won't gross you out. But it wasn't pretty. And he was miserable. And while we didn't know the exact diagnosis, it was clear that he had some nasty infection. Purple eyes, and one VERY fussy and unusually clingy toddler. So we called his pediatrican and got a prescription for some antibiotic eye drops until we could bring him in on Monday.
Enter Monday. I went off to work, leaving Ryan with the fun job of getting Dylan a doctor's appointment and taking the first shift of the day until I could come fly home at lunch to relieve him for his 1/2 day at work. He got a 12:40 appointment and I met my boys there. Another $30 copay.

What do we win? A set of ear infections, ladies and gentlemen!

So now we are $75 down with a sad little boy.
I've wondered over and over where on earth he could have picked up at least the eye infections... but then glanced at our blog here and remembered good 'ol Disneyland. Then Daycare. Then Make and Take. All in the past week. So there you have it. GERMS!

Want some?

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Sunday, June 10, 2007

More Pictures of Disneyland

Dylan, Ryan, and Grandpa while in line for Dylan's first EVER carousel ride.

Dilly and Daddy in a car in Toontown. Very VERY cool.
Just ask Dylan.

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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Love Thursday: Disneyland

This past Sunday we went to Disneyland with Ryan's family. It was Dylan's first EVER such experience.

During our visit to Toontown, we toured Mickey's House and then had a private meeting with just us and Mickey, which was pretty special. Dylan wouldn't give Mickey a hug (being a little leary of the big-headed, wide-eyed mouse, I'm sure), but he did give an enthusiastic "high-five" which was cute!

His Auntie Meghan (Mimi) got him a super-cool Mickey Balloon.
Somehow Meghan knew that Dylan NEEDED a balloon. And she was right.
It was definitely one of the highlights of the day for Dylan!

And after 12 hours at Disneyland, no nap, and lots of snacks, this little boy was TIRED.

...And so were we.

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Friday, June 01, 2007

Sleep baby, sleep.

I snuck into your room just now while you were sleeping. You took over an hour to lull and sing-song chatter yourself to sleep for your nap today, which I actually enjoyed listening to despite still being concerned about you ending up with a nap at all today.
After you quieted down and I was sure you'd fallen asleep, I came into your room and watched my little boy sleep. I noted each precious image in my mind: Your perfect cherry-red rosebud lips pressed together. The rise and fall of your back with each breath. Your beautiful blonde highlighted hair catching the light of the dimmed room through the blinds. Your tanned legs folded underneath you, bottom sticking up in the air. Your arms curled underneath your tummy, snuggled in around your blankie.
I wanted so badly to pick you up and hold you in my arms, knowing that these moments of your childhood will oneday pass and I'll ache to have you in my arms again. I didn't. You need your sleep. We had a long morning together after playing at the park and lunch with Daddy at work. And we have our Make and Take playgroup today in another hour. So I let you be so you could sleep.
However I did sit down next to your crib on your little bear-chair and watched you for a while.
I imagined how one day you'll outgrow your crib and move onto a big-boy bed. One day you'll push me away from snuggling you in favor of playing with your friends, claiming your independence. One day you won't look over your shoulder at me to share in a playful smile that comes from a day full of shared moments together. One day you'll outgrow your blankie. One day you'll go to kindergarten. And one day you'll eventually drive off to college and bring home the girl you will marry.
One day.
But you'll always be my little boy. My precious little angel. And I'll always love you with my whole heart and soul.
And for now, I'm going to soak in these moments and watch you sleep.

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