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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Honeyman Park, Oregon

The park across from my parent's house is called Honeyman. People from all over the country come there for vacations and camping and to enjoy the hills, lake, sand dunes, with popcorn and ice cream in the little store. We spent one afternoon there for Dylan and Grandpa to look for a special hiking stick to keep at the lakehouse. It was gorgeous.

Enjoying the pretty flowers at Honeyman Park while Dylan and Grandpa looked for hiking sticks

Dylan with his new hiking stick he and Grandpa found together and carved up.

Dylan and his Grandma with their hiking sticks.

Ice Cream!

After this, we went over to the sand dunes so Dylan could try some sandboarding/sleding. The saucer we brought with us didn't work, so Dylan decided instead to run down the dunes. You wouldn't have ever known THAT wasn't the plan. He was all giggles. I have a video of it. He was just too cute.

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