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Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Good, Bad and Ugly

The Good:
My son is amazing. He sat still (and I mean STILL) for about 10 minutes during a belt ceremony today at Taekwondo, earning himself a sticker from Master Johnny and some praise words to "look at Dylan - do you see how still he's sitting! He hasn't even moved!"
My jaw dropped. How could it be that MY son, the ever-moving, ever-active boy was the one who sat the most still in TKD sitting, earning the praise of his teacher. I'm so proud. I'm beaming. Beaming.
And now the cat is out of the bag; I KNOW what he's capable of.

The Bad and Ugly:
After class, on our way home, I got a call from Ryan asking me to come straight home. He said that our neighbor was hijacked at gunpoint right out of her garage just two doors down from our unit and the police had just arrived to take statements. Forensics arrived to collect a screwdriver that was found outside on our front porch which probably wasn't related, but collected just to be sure. The victim got home right after I left with the kids for Dylan's class. It was a woman. It could easily have been any of us.
Certainly it shook us up and now we are thinking a few things over...

Now for a little video showing Dylan's progress with his Taekwondo class to cheer us all up:

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I enjoy your blog very much! especially, Dylan's Taekwondo Video clip, of course :) Thanks for being supportive. Have a wonderful weekend~!


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