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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Love Thursday: Stickers

Dylan loves stickers. And thanks to Julie and Kathy, we have two very special sticker colorform fun pockets that Dylan really enjoys.

Here is a little video of us doing The Very Hungry Caterpillar one together:

Notice the fire-truck sirens that go by in the background? Then Dylan points out the "trucks"? We do indeed live near the fire station, but it is actually really cool. The sound of the trucks that go by make me feel comforted to know that 'help' is only about a block away if ever we needed it. We drive by it everyday and count how many of our trucks are there. And on our walks, we often get a wave from the firemen sitting outside. Then one time Dylan was even invited to come sit up in one of the fire engines, which was AWESOME! So there you have it. What could be an annoyance, is really a blessing.
Ok, now go watch it again!

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Good thing Ryan knows how the video camera works. It would have been a shame to miss this caterpillar story. That's all I can say. ;)


So cute!!


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