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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Birthday Boy

Dylan turned TWO this past weekend. We had a little party at a local park, which was fun. There were balloons, of course, cupcakes (which he LOVED), a battery-powered bubble maker (thanks to Anna for bringing that - it was a HUGE hit), and lots of fruit (another one of his favorites!)

Here he is with his best friend, Rocco, over by the balloons!
Here's the birthday boy eyeing the cupcakes, again with Rocco at his side (notice how after we took EXTRA care to keep them level during transport to the park, they were knocked over just moments before this picture when Dylan decided to crawl behind the table for them, indicating to us that it was time for the cake).

And here's the family all together!

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Nice pictures! That boy is a star.
I looked at all 101 photos on snapfish too! Quite a little slide show there. :)
Sorry again about screwing up the video. Never give me anything important to do. Let that be a lesson to you both.


Kathy: Like I said before, don't worry about the video. I'm sure with over a 1,000 pictures already in his albums from just the first two years and plenty of other video footage he won't be too scarred by it all. :)


Happy Birthday Dylan! How cool that your birthday is the same as my husbands' (and one of his cousins). All these funny little coincidences...


Happy belated bday, Dilly! Or as Katie says: Haaaapy dir-day.


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