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Friday, March 10, 2006

Cutting teeth

Today our little dillyweed cut his first two teeth. Yes, thats right, TWO teeth. So that explains the fussiness factor these past couple days.
Earlier during breakfast, he was acting all disinterested in eating, and so I let him play with a linkadoo for a minute. Next thing I knew, blood and crying. He had blood on his lip, highchair, and linkadoo. Enter mommy freakout. I thought he cut or pinched his lip, but after calming him down (ok, calming ME down) and further investigation, I found traces of two bottom teeth just under the surface lurking back at me. Pesky teeth cutting at my baby's poor mouth. Poor little Dilly.
Anyhow, I guess his mouth is just super tender right now and apt to injury. You live, you learn.
So two teeth. He waited a good 8 months before getting any teeth and these aren't even really through the surface yet.
My new friend: Oragel.

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Just be careful not to rely on the Orajel too much - you can de-sensitize with constant use. With Katie we tried to rely on a cold chew-toy or cold, wet washcloth. That gives them soft chewing with the cold to soothe. Ultimately, I think the chewing helps with desensitizing, without losing the option of Orajel for future teeth. But that's just a theory.


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