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Monday, April 10, 2006

new hat

Dylan got a new hat the other day. Ryan thinks he looks more like an old jewish man and Dylan doesn't know what to think (as you can tell from the picture below).

Poor little pumpkin. On Saturday he was showing off for his grandma and grandpa by the coffee table, got distracted by his super cool grandpa, and slipped to the side. He didn't wack his head at all on the table, but his mouth was bleeding (blood everywhere!) and screaming out of control. Good thing his grandma was there to save the day and help calm us down. Later we realized what happened. His bottom two teeth must have bumped the skin connecting his upper lip to his gumline. I didn't know that area would bleed so much! Yikes.

Well, later on he was all smiles again and didn't remember a thing. And he still loves that coffee table. Go figure.

Another thing he has started doing just recently: when we put him down for the night in his crib last night, we heard a creaking sound on the monitor downstairs. After investigation, I discovered that he was rocking forward and back on his hands and knees until he fell asleep. I guess he likes rocking himself to sleep now.
Speaking of my little sweetie, he just woke up from his afternoon nap.


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