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Thursday, March 30, 2006

shhh! baby sleeping

So today while Dylan took his afternoon nap, I set out to give his two most beloved stuffed animals (Bear and Monkey) their first bath (ok, so really I was washing dried spitup off of them in the kitchen sink with woolite). Funny part of the story: while I stood over the sink dunking them in and out of the sudsy water, the monkey we jokingly/lovingly refer to as "Katie" (for how it makes a funny screaming-monkey-noise which coincidently sounds just like her cry) started up out of the blue with it's high-pitched screaming as I stood wringing it out at its neck. It cracked me up. There I was, bathing stuffed animals in the sink, whispering to this sopping-wet monkey to "hush up" so as to not wake the baby sleeping upstairs.



Funny, the real Katie does the same thing when I try to wring her out during a bath. HA HA HA.

I do the same thing sometimes during Katie's naps. If something falls over in the sink or if a car passes by that's too loud I'll instinctively go "shhh!!!!!" (although, if it's because of something I've done, like dropped something loud, it's usually me cutting myself off from saying sh**!!!)

So are they fresh and clean?


I was laughing out loud at the vision of you wringing out your crying monkey's neck!
I can't believe Dylan's pics, he is getting so big and is starting to look like a little boy instead of a baby.

Happy Sunday!


PS: Congrats on going through with the Lasik! What a nice early birthday present, even if it was torture getting yourself to go through with it!!


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