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Friday, July 13, 2007

3-foot Wonder

We had Dylan's 2 year pediatrician visit this week. Here are his stats:
Weight: 28 lb. and 1.5 oz. (50th percentile)
Height: 36.75 inches (95th percentile)
Head Circumference: 49.5 (60th percentile)

So by the standard approximation, you are supposed to double your kid's height at 2 years old for what they should be as an adult... which would put Dylan at about 6.1
Not bad. Actually that is what Ryan is, so it makes sense.

And about 10 months behind his other lateral incisors, his bottom right tooth is finally popping through. Yeah, just in time for us to actually get to ask the doctor about it, it decides to join the rest of the gang. So not only do we have a tantrum-ing toddler, we have the lovely combo of a teething AND tantrum-ing toddler during our visit. But stickers and new toys always help.

And just as the pediatrician came in to see us, Dylan decided to have a little meltdown because Daddy wanted to clean up the toys - and we had a lovely example of how much measures up to the two-year-old mold. But the good part was how she gave us suggestions on how to handle it and complimented Ryan on how he dealt with Dylan's frustration with the toys, reminding Dylan to ask for 'Help' and yielding a much less volatile toddler.

He also got his follow-up Hep A immunization shot, which was uneventful considering he had thrown that lovely tantrum earlier and then didn't cry at all with the shot. He did, however, like the fun "crayola crayon" band aid that they gave him.

And as I type this, Dylan is in his room, singing himself to sleep. My little 3 foot wonder.

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28 pounds??
No wonder my knees hurt after all that shopping last week!
But, at least my arms got a work out. ;)


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