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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Jam Packed Day with a Bloody Toe to Boot!

8:00am: wake up and give free Legoland ticket to friend before appointment

8:45-9:45am: appointment

10:00am: pickup Dylan from Caltech from Ryan and head over to run errands

10:15-11:15am: errands including grocery shopping

11:15am: race home, change Dylan and I both into swimsuits, head out to swimclass

11:45-12:15: swim class where Dylan clung to me, scared of doing anything the instructor encouraged him to try, but enjoyed being in the water.

12:30pm: undress wet self and toddler, attempt to pee with said toddler while attempting with all my might to convince him that it is DISGUSTING to touch ANYTHING in the stall!

1:00pm: call and make plans with friend to go to the zoo while sitting in parking lot at pool, eat packed PB&J sandwich lunch with Dylan in car before running home again.

1:15-1:30pm: rush home, pack snacks and bag for zoo

1:30pm: as I use the bathroom, Dylan pulls fan (it was off, but still heavy) onto himself and cuts big toe open, requiring many kisses and band aids after fight to clean out with alcohol because mommy doesn't have peroxide on-hand for some lame reason.

1:50pm: arrive at zoo

2:00-5:00pm: walk around zoo until legs ache

5:15pm: Dylan sacks out in car (finally a nap for at least one of us!)

5:30pm: Call Ryan and tell him we are home, crawl upstairs and put Dylan to lay down until daddy gets home, crash on bed.

Tomorrow our day is only slightly less packed, but hey, it's summertime!

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Whew what a day!! Aren't you glad they aren't always like that!? Poor D and the toe!


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