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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Can I just say that I'm an IDIOT?

For starters, Dylan's swim lesson was so much better today. I guess practicing our "kick, kick, kicking" at the edge of the bed, arms stretched out like superman WORKED.
And we even squeezed in a quick lunch date with Ryan with some Taco Bell (yeah, nutritious little meal for the fam...) before heading home to wait for the plumber all afternoon.

Wanna hear how much of an idiot I truly am?
Ok. So here goes: I came home after meeting ryan with Taco Bell, exhausted, but managed to read about 5 books to dylan and put him to bed. Then I decided that since I didn't know what time the plumber actually would come, being that they gave me a 3 hour window and I was exhausted (apparently!), I could lay down and wake up when they rang or knocked on the door. Here's the tool part: I never woke up. They apparently knocked and rang the bell, called me, etc. for 20 minutes!

I'm now sitting here waiting for them to call me back, wondering what I'm going to say. How lame to have to admit that I'm such a slug that I missed their appointment because I took a nap?

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Zzzzzzzzzzzzz. snore. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. snore, snore.


Not such an idiot...I'm pretty good at missing appointments when I'm fully awake, know I have an appointment, and just lose track of time. With all the running around you did the day before, I'm not surprised you were exhausted!


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